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Fabrication Services

When your design is completed on time and within budget, CADX Services has the ability to provide rapid prototypes and production quantities for assembly and integration at your facility or turnkey finished goods for drop shipment to your customer.

CADX Services offers both electronic and mechanical prototyping as well as manufacturing services through our comprehensive network of business partners. We offer both domestic and international manufacturing services and component suppliers. This provides us with the requisite experience and resources to address our customer's requirements and needs.

Sample product Our Rapid Prototyping and manufacturing capabilities include the latest technology equipment and methods in compliance with industry standards. Rapid Prototyping may read like a linguistic snafu, but it's a term we use to sum up some of our best work -- the rapid design and production of prototypes.

CADX has the experienced logistics and facility resources for accelerated mechanical, electronic and turnkey product-based rapid prototyping services as well as short or long-term durations of low or high volume manufacturing services.

Fabrication Technologies

Materials: FR4, Duroid, Polymide, and Teflon
2 to 14 layer technology
Board Final thickness from .010" to .125"
Minimum trace and space of .005"
Minimum finished hole size .008"
Blind and/or Buried vias
Finished copper weight from .5 to 4oz
Board surface finish: SMOBC, HASL, Gold, & White Tin
Via in Pad, silver-filled technologies (Dupont CB100)
Plated slots and edges
LPI soldermask in a variety of colors
Silkscreen/Legend in a variety of colors
Controlled dielectric and impedance
Scoring, tab, and individual routing
Comprehensive listing of services available
Delivery Same Day, 1 Day to 15 Days