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Environmental Considerations

The environment in which a PCB is to be used will change a number of factors needed to design and test it. The ambient temperature is one of these important factors.

Worst Case Environments
Cat USE Min Temp Max Temp Service
1 Consumer 0°C 60°C 1-3 Yrs
2 Computer 15°C 60°C ~5 Yrs
3 Telecomm -40°C 85°C 7-20 Yrs
4 Civ Aircraft -55°C 95°C ~10 Yrs
5 Industrial -55°C 55°C ~10 Yrs
Auto Pass Cmp -55°C 55°C ~10 Yrs
6 Mil Gnd/Ship°C 95°C ~5 Yrs
7 Space -40°C 85°C 5-20 Yrs
8 Mil Aircraft -55°C 95°C ~5 Yrs
9 Auto Engine -55°C 125°C ~5 Yrs